About Focus

FOCUS Information Agency is the first private information agency in Bulgaria, which offers around-the-clock news, analyses, and comments in Bulgarian and in English. In October 2003, FOCUS Information Agency became the first and only Bulgarian member of the International Federation of the Press Clipping Services (FIBEP). FOCUS is authorised to provide media clipping based on media monitoring of national and regional electronic and print media, Bulgarian and foreign news agencies. As a FIBEP member, FOCUS Information Agency is working with more than 45 international partners, with which it has a successful co-operation for the realisation of large-scale media monitoring projects.

 In its nineteen years of existence, FOCUS Information Agency has established itself only as a barometer of the events not only in Bulgaria, but also abroad; became a leading “creator” of news items not only for the national, but for regional print and electronic media, too.

Because of its high quality of work, including the extremely accurate, objective, and quickly presented information to our readers, in 2005 FOCUS Information Agency became the first Bulgarian media with ISO 9001:2008 certificate. With this certification, FOCUS improved the quality of its services, improved the work efficiency, developed a systematic approach in the decision making process, in order to improve the employees’ competence and the opportunity to fully satisfy the needs of our customers.

 Aiming at fulfilling our customers’ demands and providing them with high quality of service, we are sending our journalists to international seminars, conferences, and training abroad, so that the quality of services we provide can reach a high European level.